Don’t Risk Fire Damage at Your Property

Schedule fire alarm system repair in Columbus, OH

Harris Electrical Services, Inc. is licensed to work on fire alarm systems throughout the state. If your fire alarm system is on the fritz in Columbus, Ohio, call us for fire alarm system repair. We’ll diagnose and resolve the issue so you can be alerted to fires in your property. We can also retrofit your old system to make it more efficient.

Call 614-554-8749 now to make an appointment for fire alarm system repair. Be sure to ask for a free estimate.

How to choose the right fire alarm system

How to choose the right fire alarm system

Harris Electrical Services can install fire alarm systems in buildings of all sizes. Before you schedule fire alarm system installation in Columbus, Ohio, you should first consider:

  • How large your structure is. Your system should be able to monitor every part of your interior.
  • Where you want the detectors. We’ll put them in key areas and install protectors to prevent false alarms.
  • The capacity of your system. You want to make sure your system can support your entire building.
  • Whether you want to combine the detectors and the alarms. This will make your installation more affordable.

Trust us to install your ideal fire alarm system. Reach out to us today to schedule fire alarm system installation.